Gardena Combisystem 2 in 1 Patio Weeder

The flexible and environment-friendly 2-in-1 solution for thorough patio weeding

With the GARDENA combisystem 2in1 Patio Weeder, you can easily remove weeds from paths, driveways and on the terrace. The GARDENA combisystem allows for flexible use, thanks to the exchangeable attachments. The Patio Weeder is compatible with all handles of the GARDENA combisystem and can be mounted and secured with the handle.


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GARDENA recommends a handle with a length of 130 or 150 cm, the selection of the handle depends on the working conditions and your body height. The secure connection between weeder and handle ensures that you can always work comfortably. Thanks to the weeder, you can remove weed from various places and in different-sized joints. The robust and thin stainless-steel blade is optimal for the use in small joints, for example narrow terrace plates or paving stones. The special, triangle-shaped stainless-steel bow is used for wider joints. With the bow, you can remove weed effectively. To spare the nature, the Patio Weeder offers an environment-friendly, mechanic solution. The Patio Weeder was made from high-quality materials and is therefore especially robust and durable. After long use, the bow can be replaced. The GARDENA combisystem 2in1 Patio Weeder convinces with 25 years of warranty. GARDENA combisystem. Interchangeable. Durable. For any gardening task.
Technical Specifications
Article No.3607-20
Recommended Handle Length130 / 150 cm