Bio Spiral Tree Guards

One of the most important challenges in tree planting today is the need to use conventional plastics to ensure survival and healthy growth of young tree plants. Many protective solutions are made from alternative materials, such as cardboard, which have been largely unsuccessful at trails.

Launched in the 1960’s, the Rainbow Spiral Guard offers an effective solution for seedling protection that stands up to all weather conditions – does not shrink and allows air circulation through the pre- formed holes. The product is easy to unfurl, fit for purpose and cost effective.  Additionally, the spiral protects trees against herbicides drifting in the wind, offering more flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of weed control.

Rainbow has now developed its first bio-based tree spiral, ‘Rainbow Bio 1’ that has passed all required tests against EU guidelines at an independent laboratory and is classed as fully compostable. The spiral has also gained the DIN CERTO certificate. Over the last three years, the Rainbow Bio 1 has been field tested in several trials across the UK and Europe. This has resulted in a product that is suitable to last for >3 years at the typical range of temperature extremes that have been found in forests.


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