Budding Gardener – Gift Pack

This Budding Gardener’s gift bundle has been especially put together by our team with the budding gardener in mind. This bundle is both fun and educational. Whilst promoting biodiversity within the garden.


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The Budding Gardener Bundle includes:

  • Eirgrow children’s beanie hat with LED light
  • Children’s Kent & Stowe hand fork
  • Children’s Kent & Stowe hand trowel
  • Children’s Kent & Stowe Digging Shovel
  • Children’s Kent & Stowe Digging Fork
  • Childrens Budding Gardener Gloves
  • Paint your own bird house
  • Paint your own bird feeder
  • Peckish winter warmer bird seed
  • 3 packs of little grower’s seed mixed
  • 1 box of sensation wildflower 7m2
  • 10 litres of multi-purpose potting compost
  • Flexible 26L bucket
  • Soft Foam Kneeler Pad