Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus 6 Grain Bait

Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus Grain will kill unwanted rodents in a single dose. It is a ready to use grain bait that is highly palatable to compete with food sources, especially cereals. It also contains Bitrex®, a bitter substance that prevents accidental ingestion by children and pets.  It has an advanced active ingredient and is the closest form of bait to a mouse or rat’s diet.

  • Ready to use sachets
  • For use indoors (mice and rats) and outdoors around buildings (rats only)
  • Ideal to use when rodents feed from cereals


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Additional information

OR GENERAL PUBLIC USE ONLY. Use in tamper resistant bait stations only. Read and follow the product information as well as any information accompanying the product or provided at the point of sale before using it. Prior to the use of rodenticide products, non-chemical control methods (e.g. traps) should be considered. Use Biocides safely and sustainably.