Elho Vibia Campana Bowl 27cm Sage Green

  • Made with recycled plastic, made with wind energy, 100% recyclable
  • This flower pot has a rugged, natural texture.
  • The pot is frost-resistant and suitable for every season

Are you looking to add more greenery to your garden or balcony? Then the vibia campana bowl is something for you. Its height makes it perfect for your outdoor table. The holes in the bottom allow you to enjoy the greenery around you for longer, as excess water is drained. And rest assured, the pot was made with love for nature. It is made of 100% recycled plastic, produced with wind energy generated from our own windmill and it is fully recycable.

Never too wet

The vibia campana bowl has holes in the bottom. They allow excess water to drain, ensuring your plants or flowers are never too wet. Great for after a downpour or if you’ve watered your plants just a bit too much.

Fits every style

The vibia campana bowl is a beautiful addition to your garden or balcony, with its soft rounded body and a smooth, natural texture. It is also available in welcoming and trendy colours, fitting any style. It helps you create a peaceful atmosphere combined with anthracite or silky white, or add more colour to your garden with honey yellow, for example.


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