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G-Tek Nitrile Gloves Abrasion Resistant

  • Breathable and non-slip – work gloves with excellent grip, for working with high precision. Highly breathable thanks to micro-porous nitrile coating (nitrile foam).
  • High wearing comfort – Latex-free and seamless, without chafing and scratching. No sweat build-up during prolonged wear thanks to breathable nitrile foam coating.
  • UNIVERSAL – Nitrile coated gloves for men and women, for working in dry, damp or oily environments: for assembly, electronics testing, production.
  • DURABLE – Gloves with optimal protection against mechanical risks according to EN388: 4131X. Very strong abrasion protection and very high tear resistance.
  • With CE mark: gloves comply with safety and health requirements of EU directives. 

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