Grogreen Feed & Shine Buxus

GroGreen Feed & Shine Buxus RTU is a specially developeed foliar fertiliser with nitrogen and micronutrients and essential plant oils for for all types of boxwood plants (Buxus). During weekly use , it is ensured that the plants are kept green, healthy and resistant to the plant diseases (e.g box blight) that typically affect boxwood. Feed & Shine Boxwood is environmentally friendly and gentle oon boxwood and nature.

GroGreen Feed & Shine is available in a spray bottle ready for use and as a concentrate that must be mixed before use.




Application Time: 

May-September – 1 time/week in the growing season.


Spray on all leaves to run-off.

Apply to dry leaves and in dry weather – never in direct sunlight.



Mixing Ratio:

1:100 = 0.5 litres of concentrate are mixed in 50 litres of water.

1 capsule size (40ml) is enough for 4 litres of water.



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