Grogreen Feed & Shine Roses

Grogreen Feed & Shine Roses Concentrated is a specially-developed foliar fertiliser with nitrogen and micronutrients for all tupes of roses (except for the Rosa Rugosa group which will be scorched). Applied once a weel, the product will ensure that roses stay healthier and more resistant towards  leaf fungi such as rust, mildew and blackspot.

The product is environmentally friendly and gentle towards roses and nature in general. Grogreen Feed and Shine Roses contains nitrogen, micronutrients, iron, surfactants and three essential plant oils derived from tea tree, clove and citronella. Feed and Shine Roses is designed to promote strong and healthy roses.




Application Time: 

May-September – 1 time/week in the growing season.


Spray on all leaves to run-off.

Apply to dry leaves and in dry weather – never in direct sunlight.



Mixing Ratio:

1:100 = 0.5 litres of concentrate are mixed in 50 litres of water.

1 capsule size (40ml) is enough for 4 litres of water.



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