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PIP Classic Ear Defenders

  • Protection level SNR 29 dB
  • These earmuffs are very light and weigh only 157g
  • Sliding height adjustable headband for greater comfort and ease of adjustement
  • Low profile design increases stability and reduces risk of getting entangled in confined spaces
  • Lightweight cups with padded headband in plastic / nylon
  • Dielectric / non-conductive design


  • Medium to high frequency noise
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Dirty environments
  • Carpentry and metal machining


  • Put on earmuffs before you are exposed to noise and wear it during all exposure to noise. Please note that a no-compliance with these recommendations will seriously hamper the protection provided by the earmuffs
  • When not in use, it is advisable to store the earmuffs in a clean and dry place so as to protect them from dirt, grease, etc
  • After use, clean the earmuffs with warm soapy water, do not use organic solvents or alcohol
  • The earmuffs should be inspected regularly to verify their working condition


  • Arc : Thermoplastique POM
  • Cups : PP / Leather PVC / Foam PU

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