Fertigro Poultry Manure 10kg

  • Organic natural plant food
  • Quick nutrient release for all the plants in the garden
  • Packed in strong plastic resealable bucket
  • Increases soil fertility and plant thrive

This organic poultry manure is in a weed free dry pelleted form containing both fast and slow release plant nutrients. Fertigro poultry manure contains all the major elements supplied from poultry manure for your plants. A completely organic natural plant food it provides quick nutrient release making vital elements readily available and quickly absorbed by your plants. Available in a 10.5kg value pack the Organic Poultry Manure is an excellent soil improver for all types of soil. It is ideal for a vegetable garden and easy to handle in a pelleted form. This can be used to fertilise all crops, fruit, vegetables, trees and shrubs as well as been great value and superb quality.

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Weight10 kg