Resolva Pro Xtra Tough 1L Ready to Use

Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller Ready to Use is a systemic weedkiller. It is ideal for controlling annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds. It delivers effective and quick results even on tough weeds, so they don’t come back.

  • Kills tough weeds & roots
  • Fast systemic action
  • Visible effects in 24hrs
  • 1L has a unique non-drip trigger
  • Contains Glyphosate


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Why Use

Weeds can be a problem around the garden especially if you let them grow. They will compete for the same space and nutrients as your plants and if left untreated, they will create seedlings and spread further. Using Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller gives you the confidence that even tough weeds will be killed fast, right down to the root, so they don’t come back!

Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller controls a wide spectrum of annual and deep rooted perennial weeds including Grasses, Couch Grass, Docks, Thistles, Nettles, Dandelions, Bindweed and many more.

Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller is available in a 1L and 3L format to meet the needs of different garden sizes and level of infestation. This makes Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller the ideal product to use to control even tough weeds around your garden.

What to Expect

  • After spraying, you will see visible results in 24 hours. The symptoms can be: wilting, leaf browning, desiccation or discolouration
  • Do not remove the weed until it’s completely dead, ensure you leave weeds for at least 7 days before cultivating
  • Planting can be done immediately in neighbouring untreated soil, taking care that new plants are not in contact with the weedkiller
  • Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller is broken down naturally and degraded by micro-organisms/microbes in the soil


Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller contains Glyphosate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before u