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Roundup Biactive Herbicide

Roundup Biactive is a herbicide used for the control of a large variety of weeds including the Japanese knotweed. Roundup Biactive can be used in both knapsack and boom sprayers making it extremely cost efficient. Roundup Biactive is not safe on clover.

Active Ingredients: Glyphosate

Dilution Rate: Dilution rates vary depending by situation. These rates start from 30ml per litre of water through to 60ml per litre. Please refer to the manufacturers label for a full list of dilution rates.

Coverage Per Bottle: 6 litres will treat one hectare.

Application method: Knapsack and boom sprayer.

Clover safe: No

Rainfast: 6 Hours.

Grazing:Livestock can return to grazing after 5 days.

Ploughing: Translocation of the product takes 7-10 days to kill the root, destruction of broadleaved weeds may take longer. Use destruction as a visual reference when planning to reseed or refer to manufacturers label.