Tippland Organic Grow Bag 40 Litres

Organic vegetables fresh from the ground retain much more flavour and goodness than those spending their last days on the shelf. Tippland sexcellent quality peat based Organic Growbag is ideal for balconies or small gardens where space is premium.

Tippland organic growbags are enriched with an organic fertiliser that has been specially developed to feed plants for up to 3 months. This organic growbag also contains extra Potash for abundant flowering and fruiting, promising rich rich healthy plant growth.

  • 4 planter growbag.
  • Feeds plants up to 3 months
  • Extra Potash for abundant flowering and fruiting.
  • Ideal for growing strawberries, tomatoes, leaf salads and peppers.
  • Size: 40 litres


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