Visiroot 4 Cell Deep Kit

Gro-Sure Visiroot 4 Cell Deep Kit is a new recyclable way to propagate with visibly better results. Designed deep root seedlings, the deep cells will ensure healthy roots with minimal disturbance. With moisture bridge technology, they will ensure even water and nutrient distribution across the cells. The transparent RPET material will also allow you to check root growth and moisture levels without the need to disturb seedlings.

All of the Visiroot range is recyclable kerbside through home collections.

The Gro-Sure Visiroot 4 Cell Deep Kit includes 7 x 4 deep cells, 1 x drip tray and 1 x propagator lid
Easy to open deep root cells
Easy to check root growth
Durable for use year after year
Made from RPET – easy to recycle at home


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